Terms of Service

By using and/or visiting any part, page, or section of the CoinRoster.com Website (“the Website”) you agree to be bound by and are deemed to have understood all of the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Introduction:

1.1. These Terms and Conditions may be presented in various languages other than English for reference only.  In the event of any differences or conflict between the English version of the Terms and Conditions and a version in any other language, the English version will prevail.

2. Agreement

2.1. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you additionally agree to be bound by any Game Rules posted on the Website as well as our Privacy Policy.  If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other document on the Website or on the CoinRoster Blog (blog.coinroster.com), these Terms and Conditions will prevail.
2.2. If we make amendments to these Terms and Conditions, we may take appropriate steps to bring such changes to your attention (such as by placing a notice in a prominent position on the Website or through an automated mailing).  Notwithstanding, it shall be solely your responsibility to check for any amendments, updates, and/or modifications.  Your continued use of the Website after any such amendment to the Terms and Conditions will be deemed to be your acceptance to be bound by such amendments, updates, and/or modification to the Terms and Conditions.
2.3. If you do not agree with any of these Terms and Conditions, please do not attempt to register or use CoinRoster.

3 Binding Declarations

3.1. You are over (a) 18 or (b) such other legal age of majority as determined by any laws which are applicable to you, whichever age is greater.
3.2. You have full capacity to enter into a legally binding agreement with us and you are not restricted by any form of limited legal capacity.
3.3. You understand that by using our services you may lose Bitcoin and accept that you are fully responsible for any such loss that occurs.
3.4. You are permitted in the jurisdiction in which you are located to place and/or accept bets denominated in Bitcoin online.
3.5. You are permitted in the jurisdiction in which you are located to use online sports betting services or other services provided by CoinRoster.
3.6. You are not depositing Bitcoin which originates from criminal, illegal, and/or unauthorized activities in the jurisdiction in which you are located.
3.7. You shall not use and/or allow other persons to use your account for any criminal, illegal, and/or unauthorized activities in the jurisdiction in which you are located.
3.8. You will not use any robot, device, spider, software, routine, program, or other method (or anything in the nature of the foregoing) to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal proper functioning of the Website and/or any of our services.
3.9. You are not diagnosed or classified as a compulsive or problem gambler or consider yourself to be the same.

4 Privacy

4.1. Information that you provide to CoinRoster will be kept confidential and handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
4.2. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy.

5 Security

5.1. All in-browser communications between you and CoinRoster will be encrypted with up-to-date SSL ciphers and valid SSL certificates.  For your own protection, please use an up-to-date, modern web browser when you interact with the Website.
5.2. Your account will be protected by a password.  Please choose a strong and unique password for your own safety.  We salt and hash passwords in accordance with industry best practices.
5.3. Keep your password confidential.  Any losses suffered by you due to a third party using your account will be not refunded by us.
5.4. Please inform us immediately by email at management@coinroster.com if you believe that your account information is being misused by a third party.

6 Storage of Funds

6.1. We store the majority of user funds in a series of “cold storage” Bitcoin wallets with no active connection to the Internet.
6.2. We maintain a series of online “hot wallets” for the regular processing of deposits and withdrawals.

7 Accounts

7.1. In order to access the services provided by CoinRoster, we require that you register for a CoinRoster account.
7.2. You will need to provide and verify an e-mail address as part of account registration.  We require an e-mail address so that we can communicate with you regarding activity in your account.
7.3. Please inform us as soon as you become aware of any errors or problems with respect to your account or any bet you have placed.  We reserve the right to declare null and void any bets that are the subject of such errors.
7.4. We reserve the right to suspend accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months.  If your account has been suspended, please contact management@coinroster.com for instructions on how to reactivate your account.

8 Deposits

8.1. We accept Bitcoin deposits only.  We will notify users if other cryptographic or fiat currencies are incorporated into the CoinRoster platform.
8.2. Several deposit facilities are available.  Details can be found in the ‘My Account’ section of the Website.
8.3. We do not extend any kind of credit for the use of our services.
8.4. CoinRoster is not a banking institution.  You will not be paid interest on any outstanding account balances.

9 Withdrawals

9.1. You may withdraw any amount up to the “Ready to play” portion of your Account Balance.  This balance excludes any funds “In Play”, which refers to funds that have been entered into contests which have not yet been settled.
9.2. To make a withdrawal, please follow the instructions found in the “My Account” section of the Website.
9.3. Please note that you may be required to meet a playing requirement as part of a promotion.  If so, you will not be able to withdraw funds until the playing requirement has been met.
9.4. Funds can only be withdrawn from your account in the form Bitcoin.  You must provide a Bitcoin wallet address in order to withdraw funds.
9.5. Payment of any taxes, fees, charges, or levies that may apply to your winnings under any applicable laws shall be your sole responsibility to declare.  We will not be held responsible for the taxes, fees, charges, or levies that may be payable in the jurisdiction in which you are located.
9.6. There is no direct programmatic link between the Website and CoinRoster’s “hot” or “cold” Bitcoin wallets.  This is to ensure that in the unlikely event of a security breach of our Website, user funds will be safe.  Withdrawals are processed manually according to the following schedule: within 24 hours for small withdrawals of up to 5 Bitcoins; within 48-72 hours for amounts greater than 2 Bitcoins.  This delay is introduced by our process for transferring Bitcoins out of “cold storage” (see section 6).

10 Winnings

10.1. Winnings will be immediately available in your account following confirmation of relevant real-world results and completion of contest settlement.
10.2. Any amounts which are mistakenly credited as winnings to your account will be transferred out of your account upon detection of the error.
10.3. CoinRoster reserves the right to freeze winnings already credited to your account if there is a real-world investigation into the outcome of an underlying event.
10.4. If a real-world outcome is revised as a result of an investigation or correction by the relevant real-world authority, CoinRoster reserves the right to reverse any related winnings credited to your account.
10.5. Our calculations of your account balance and bonus balance will be final, and in the absence of any manifest error will not be subject to any inquiry or investigation.

11 Bonuses

11.1. CoinRoster reserves the right to cancel any bonus or bonus program (including but not limited to deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and loyalty programs) with immediate effect if we believe the bonus has been set up incorrectly or is being abused.  Whether or not a bonus is deemed to be set up incorrectly or abused shall be determined solely at the discretion of CoinRoster.

12 General Betting Rules

12.1. A bet can only be placed by a registered CoinRoster account holder.
12.2. A bet can only be placed over the internet from your CoinRoster account.
12.3. You can only place a bet if you have sufficient funds in your CoinRoster account.
12.4. The bet, once concluded, will be governed by the version of the Terms and Conditions valid and available on the Website at the time the bet is accepted.
12.5. A bet which has been placed and accepted cannot be amended, withdrawn, or cancelled by you.  If you enter an erroneous bet, please contact management@coinroster.com with details of your claim.
12.6. Information about all your bets will be made available to you on the Website.
12.7. When you place a bet you acknowledge that you have read and understood in full all of these Terms and Conditions as well as any conditions or Game Rules posted on the Website in connection with the contest in which you are placing a bet.
12.8. If bets exceeding the stated maximum bet amounts are erroneously accepted by CoinRoster, the excess bet amount will be voided and the difference paid back to you.
12.9. Statistics, live scores, or editorial text published on the Website or Blog is added information and CoinRoster does not acknowledge or accept any liability whatsoever if the information is incorrect.  It is your responsibility to be aware of the circumstances relating to a real-world event and to independently verify all information published on the Website.
12.10. If a real-world event does not start on the scheduled starting date or does start but is later postponed (and / or abandoned or otherwise not resumed by the end of the next calendar date), all bets will be voided except for any bets placed in contests where the real-world outcome has been determined; in the latter case the bets will be processed.  Some contests have different rules and these are listed under each category or contest on the Website.
12.11. CoinRoster reserves the right to declare a bet void, totally or partially, if it is obvious that: bets have been offered, placed, and/or accepted due to an error; bets have been placed after a real-world event has started or after any deadline set by CoinRoster; syndicate betting has occurred; influence betting has occurred, where you have influenced the outcome of the real-world event in any way; and/or the real-world outcome has been directly or indirectly affected by criminal actions.
12.12. If you are unsatisfied with any matter relating to a bet with CoinRoster, please notify CoinRoster within 30 days after the transaction has occurred.  Notification made after such 30 day period will be disregarded.  In the unlikely event of a discrepancy between the result that appears on your device and the results in the transaction logs in our system, you agree that the results in our system’s transaction logs as certified by an officer of CoinRoster shall be final, conclusive, and binding.
12.13. You accept that any bitcoin lost under any bet will not under any circumstances be recoverable from CoinRoster.
12.14. You agree that you are solely responsible for any betting decisions made in your account.

13 Cancellations, Suspensions, and Closure

13.1. Without restricting our ability to rely on other remedies that may be available to us, we may suspend and/or terminate your account or cancel any outstanding bets at our absolute discretion if: (a) we suspect that you are engaging in illegal or fraudulent activity while using the Website; (b) we suspect you are breaching these Terms and Conditions; or (c) we suspect you are acting in a manner that is detrimental to the conduct of our business.
13.2. Irrespective of whether we suspend and/or terminate an account and notwithstanding any other provisions in these Terms and Conditions, we may decide to cancel and void any outstanding bets at our absolute discretion where (a) there is a technological failure, or (b) you or another customer with whom you have bet have breached any of these Terms and Conditions.

14 Force Majeure

14.1. Any failure or delay in performance by CoinRoster in respect of its obligations of service shall not be deemed a breach of its obligations to you as customer if such failure or delay is deemed by CoinRoster to be caused by force majeure, which shall include but no be limited to flood, fire, earthquake, or any other element of nature, acts of war, riots or terrorists attacks, public utility electrical failure, lockouts and strikes, delays or disruptions of the Internet and telecommunications network caused by human or natural factors, or any other such event beyond the reasonable control of CoinRoster.
14.2. CoinRoster will not accept any liability for any consequences arising out of any such events.

15 Intellectual Property

15.1. All content presented on the Website, including but not limited to text, logos, graphics, images, button icons, and software is either owned or licensed by CoinRoster.  It is forbidden to copy, print and/or download any portions of material published on the Website unless expressly permitted by CoinRoster.
15.2. All trademarks presented on the Website, including but not limited to trade names and other symbols, are protected by international trademark laws.  It is strictly prohibited to use them in any way without the prior written consent of CoinRoster.