Playing the Masters Odds

The Masters is my favorite golf tournament of the year. Since the Masters is played on the same course each year, there is something special about the tournament unlike any other major. The history of the tournament and the quality of the field are just a couple of the many things that make the Masters the most respected golf championship.

For golf fans who pay attention to the betting odds, the Masters provides a smorgasbord of opportunities. Here are some tips and tricks that CoinRoster users can apply to their own betting this year.

A good place to start for surveying the Masters odds is an odds aggregator website like Odds Checker.  Here you will find a list of many different bets with the odds from a variety of British sports books including 3 exchanges such as Betfair. Users can view the odds of a particular outcome for a particular book, but also see the highs and lows, as well as the average and median prices. A basic statistical analysis is an important starting point to finding value in the odds.

This year, the favourites are DJ at 7.00, and both Rory and Jordan Spieth at around 9.00. These three players combined represent a 36% chance of winning.

On CoinRoster, the tournament winner pool is the largest pool we offer. The fun thing about golf betting is anyone in the field has a chance, and so there are many longshots to choose from. This provides an opportunity for a sharp bettor to find value in the nooks and crannies. At the time of writing, Rory has implied odds of 12.3 in CoinRoster’s pool, so he might be worth keeping an eye on as the pool nears its closing time.

Since past champions are invited to play, but are very unlikely to win the Masters, they are listed in our winner’s pool too. If you’re a fan of Bernhard Langer, and also think he has a shot at winning, you can get more than 13 million to 1 odds in our pool right now, even though he is listed at 500.00 on many sports books.

The middle tier players might be the best place to look for value though. Players like Paul Casey who most books have around 45.00 is not that popular with golf fans, and so he is listed in our pool at more than 13,000 to 1.  So is Andy Sullivan and Brendan Grace.

When betting with a pool format, be aware of how much your bet will impact the pool. Consider the size of your bet relative to the total pool size. A rule of thumb method to size your bets in a pool format is to determine the odds you would like to receive and then find a player currently in the pool with those odds. See how much is currently bet on the player with the odds you are trying to copy and then use that amount as a guide to how much you’d like to bet. As a betting pool grows, the odds morph and change, and as a sharp bettor, you need to consider a betting strategy that temps other bettors while at the same time protects your stake in the pool.

When assembling your fantasy roster, use the odds posted for the cut markets. Go to a sports book who posts odds on whether various players will make the cut, and compare those odds versus the price of the player in the fantasy draft pool. Volatility and portfolio strategy are important factors to consider when assembling fantasy lineups. A team of Sergios will have a different expected outcome than a team of Kuchars if each has the same price in the draft pool. The Sergios are probably better for a Jackpot paytable and the Kuchars are probably more suitable for a Double-Up because one is much more volatile than the other.

We hope you enjoy Masters week and we look forward to refining our system for users going forward.