Junior Web Developer – Front End

CoinRoster is a bitcoin fantasy sports startup, and we’re searching for a budding Full Stack Developer to join our team.

This is a part time job most suitable for an undergrad currently enrolled at an Ontario university computer science program. The applicant must demonstrate their ability to work with html, css, and JavaScript by completing a short coding challenge we will provide.

Candidates must have an interest in fantasy sports, and/or sports betting, and/or finance.

About CoinRoster:

CoinRoster is an innovative fantasy sports site. Our management style is focused on meeting the goals of CoinRoster, while also providing our team with an environment where they can learn and grow. CoinRoster is backed by an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs that will support your professional growth.

Who We’re Looking For:

As a Junior Developer, you’ll work with a Project Manager to outline the scope of your coding projects, create a timeline for development, and to review your work. You can code using any development environment (such as Eclipse) that you prefer. We use GitHub and Slack for our code repos, issue tracking, and project management.

Specifically, the successful candidate will work to improve our User Experience. CoinRoster has built a core fantasy sports functionality and a functioning website, but we need help updating the way our content is displayed and the way users interact with it.

If you can code using JavaScript and provide some examples of your work, we’d love to conduct an in-person interview to determine whether you’re the right fit for our team.

How to Apply:

This position is most suitable as a part time position for an Ontario university student, but anyone is welcome to apply. Send your resume to management@coinroster.com if you are interested in joining our team.

Fixed Odds Bets Now Available

CoinRoster now offers fixed odds betting functionality. This means users can place bets knowing the odds displayed are the odds you get when the bet is settled. As we rushed to get this functionality out to users, the interface is pretty clumsy, so there a few cues to use when identifying a fixed odds bet. Look for the “Amount Left to Wager” value, if this text is displayed, the amount left to wager is listed. This is the maximum payout available to bet, so if the Amount Left to Wager is 1 BTC, and the highest odds available are 10, then the most a user can bet is 0.10 BTC. Another way to identify a fixed odds bet is to look at the amount wagered for each outcome compared to their respective odds. In a parimutuel pool, the odds are determined by the amount bet on each outcome, but with fixed odds the odds “are fixed” regardless of the amount bet. So to identify a fixed odds bet, compare the amount bet and odds of each outcome.

When we created CoinRoster, we were looking for ways to add betting functionality while not taking the financial risk of backing user bets. We decided to offer parimutuel pool functionality to allow users to bet on outright outcomes, but while parimutuel pool betting does have some advantages, it also frustrates most of us who are used to fixed odds bets. Its annoying to place a bet in a parimutuel pool, only to see the odds change before the event goes live.

Fixed odds betting solves the problem of floating odds. When users place a fixed odds bet, they are assured their odds remain the same, whatever odds the bet was placed for also becomes the odds the bet pays out at. For CoinRoster, the challenge with fixed odds is someone needs to take the other side (to take the risk of fixing the odds), and since CoinRoster has been bootstrapped, we don’t have the cash to back bets our own bets, so we launched user generated fixed odds bets so that the users themselves generate their own odds.

You can create you own bets on CoinRoster by creating a contest with fixed odds. You will need to post the collateral required to satisfy the maximum risk your bet implies, but its up to you to set your own odds in a way that is profitable for you and guarantees a spread of profit. As a user, when you place a fixed odds bet, your payout is always at those same fixed odds. Users who make fixed odds bets will not pay any additional rake. But for creators who post fixed odds bets, profits (the difference between what collateral you post and what winnings you keep) are raked at 5%.  Keep this in mind when posting your fixed odds bets to ensure your bets are both fair and profitable.

Ryder Cup Preview

While there are no fantasy contests this week because of the Ryder Cup, we still have some golf action. Click Here to view our open golf bets. Users can choose to bet on the Ryder Cup winner in a parimutuel pool we posted several weeks ago, but we’ve also posted fixed odds on the tournament winner. At the time of writing USA is the favourite with an implied 57% chance of winning.

Phil finishes last in final tuneup before Ryder

6:11 AM ET Bob HarigESPN Senior Writer Close Senior golf writer for ESPN.com Covered golf for more than 20 years Earned Evans Scholarship to attend Indiana University ATLANTA — Phil Mickelson never matched par in his four rounds and finished last in the 30-man field at the Tour Championship, a final tuneup for the Ryder Cup next week in France.

PGA Tour Championship Preview

The PGA Tour Championship happens this week at East Lake and big money is on the line. In addition to the prize pool for this tournament ($9 million purse) the Fedex Cup will also be awarded ($32 million purse).

The First Look: TOUR Championship

FedExCup points leader Bryson DeChambeau headlines the 30-man field that will determine the season champion, as the FedExCup Playoffs once again wrap at Atlanta’s historic East Lake Golf Club. Justin Rose, Tony Finau, Dustin Johnson and defending champion Justin Thomas round out the five players who can lay claim to the $10 million end-of-season bonus simply by winning the TOUR Championship.

DraftKings PGA: 2018 Tour Championship Picks, Analysis

The FedEx Cup moves from Philly to Atlanta for the Tour Championship and some more DraftKings PGA action. The FedEx Cup playoffs will be decided, and a champion will be crowned! Bryson DeChambeau enters the tournament with the top seed after winning The Northern Trust and the Dell Technologies!

What is Crowd Settlement?

On CoinRoster, there are three different ways to settle a contest: auto settled, user settled, and crowd settled. Choosing the best way to settle a contest should depend on the type of contest you’re creating and the type of data being used to settle the contest.

Auto settlement is what most of us are used to, this is when the website uses its own data to the settle a contest “automatically”. User settlement is a little bit different because instead of automatically settling the contest, the user who created the contest must also choose the settlement outcome and this user must also do it manually on CoinRoster.

Users who create pools and fixed odds bets based on the data CoinRoster already has, whether its golf, baseball, hockey, and basketball data can be auto settled. When a contest is auto settled, the responsibility to settle is borne by CoinRoster, but when a contest is user settled, the responsibility to settle is borne by the user who created the contest.

There are pros and cons to each settlement type. If you’re creating a contest based on the data from our site, it can be auto settled, and doesn’t require any further input from the user who created the contest, in this sense auto settling is the easiest method. But auto settlement is limited to the data CoinRoster has, and if you want to create a parimutuel pool or fixed odds bet about a topic where CoinRoster does not have the data, you must choose to either the user settle or crowd settle method.  User settlement is best used when the outcome is not publicly known, such as a home game amongst friends.

Crowd settlement is the most innovative way to settle a contest. Crowd settlement does not rely on CoinRoster’s data nor does it rely on the user who created the contest to also settle it. Crowd settlement happens without any further input from the user who created the contest, and in this way, seems “automatic”, although crowd settlement relies on users on CoinRoster to vote for the outcome they believe occured. Crowd settled contests can be created by any user, and then are settled based on votes from users.

To create a crowd settled contest, you must first open an account and make a deposit. Only users who have made a deposit can create a contest. Once you’ve made a deposit to your account. login to your account and navigate to the Create Contest page.

From the Create Contest page, choose Contest Type as MISC, enter a title and description, choose a registration deadline and settlement deadline. The registration deadline is when betting will end and your contest will go in-play. The settlement deadline is the time when your contest will be settled. It makes sense to choose a registration deadline at the time when you expect your contest will be played or decided, and the settlement deadline is the time when settlement will be complete.

Next, you will enter the outcome options for your contest. The default is a parimutuel pool, but if you want to create a contest with fixed odds (where as the contest creator you will bear the risk/rewards) you can also make this choice. You’ll also need to enter the minimum wager allowed, toggle the settlement type to Crowd Settled, and decide whether you’d like your contest to be public or private. Public contests are visible and available to all users, whereas private contests are only available to users with the URL associated with the contest.

After you’re happy with your contest specifications, press the “Create Contest” button to create your contest. Your contest will then be reviewed by an admin before being added going live.


BMW Championship Monday Finish

The final round of the BMW Championship will be played on Monday (today), and since this is the FedEx Cup Playoffs, we won’t know the final field for the next tournament until this tournament is finished.

Click here to view the current PGA Tour leaderboard.

CoinRoster will post new contests later this week due to the delayed finish of the BMW Championship.

Weather issues delay BMW final round to Monday

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. – Unrelenting rain and a saturated Aronimink course has pushed back the final round of the BMW Championship to Monday. With the final 30 spots in the FedExCup Playoffs on the line, officials remain intent on completing 72 holes, even if it requires a Tuesday finish.

Auto-Play Now Available

We’ve recently added an Auto-Play feature to CoinRoster. Now users can automatically enter rosters to many of our standard fantasy contests. This feature can be useful for users who may not have time or forget to enter their rosters regularly or for those who enjoy cheering on a team without having to pick their own players.

Our Auto-Play functionality uses three different algorithms to select Auto-Play rosters such as Random, Safe, and Barbell. Users can also choose to enter any number of rosters for each Auto-Play.

Click here to read our post on how to use Auto-Play

2018 Ryder Cup Preview

We’ve posted some Ryder Cup 2018 pools, and users are encouraged to post their own Ryder Cup pools using our create contest functionality. To create your own Ryder Cup pools, login to your CoinRoster account, click the CREATE CONTEST link in the main menu, and then choose MISC as the contest type.  From this menu, you can enter in the specific details of your Ryder Cup parimutuel pool.  Make sure to create a logical outcome and a pool that considers the specific dates the Ryder Cup will take place.

U.S. Ryder Cup bubble watch: Tiger Woods a lock, Brandt Snedeker’s rising stock and what to do with Phil Mickelson – Golf Digest

Only three weeks remain for aspiring United States players to make their case for the four remaining spots on the 2018 Ryder Cup. Captain Jim Furyk will announce three of his picks after the Dell Technologies Championship, with the final slot filled at the BMW Championship’s conclusion.

Tiger Woods: Tommy Fleetwood makes claim about former world No 1 ahead of Ryder Cup

Fleetwood finds himself grouped for a second time this year alongside Woods for tomorrow’s start to the Northern Trust and the opening event of the ultra-lucrative FedEx Cup Play-Off Series in Paramus, New Jersey.

Northern Trust 2018 & Fedex Cup Playoffs Preview

Tiger returns to the Fedex Cup playoffs this year for the first time in five years and it begins this week at the Northern Trust. As the 12th edition of the FedExCup postseason begins, points leader Dustin Johnson and No. 2 Justin Thomas top the marquee for Ridgewood Country Club’s fourth turn in hosting the FedExCup Playoffs opener. Read More

Rory McIlroy has withdrawn from the tournament.

Check out our full lineup of fantasy contests this week.

CoinRoster users can also create their own custom fantasy contests, including the ability to create a private contest to share with your friends.

Northern Trust Preview Picks Analysis

The FedEx Cup Playoffs begin with the Northern Trust as the leading golfers on the PGA Tour enter the lucrative final series of events, leading to the Tour Championship and the $10m bonus. Golfshake’s Derek Clements looks ahead to this week, and the players hoping to make a significant run for the prize.

2018 FedEx Cup Playoffs Introduction, Standings, and Predictions

Introduction The 2018 FedEx Cup Playoffs start this Thursday with The Northern Trust. PGA Tour golfers have been battling for FedEx cup points throughout the first 42 events of the golf calendar, and now only 4 events remain.