How to Play Golf Props?


Each week, if the PGA Tour holds a stroke play tournament, CoinRoster posts fantasy contests in our Fantasy Golf category and betting pools for that tournament in our Golf Props category. The golf prop bets that we post are parimutuel pools on various tournament outcomes such as the tournament winner, which top players will make the cut, and a pool on whether there will be a playoff. There are a number of different pools that are posted for the entire tournament and also for each day of the tournament.

Parimutuel pools will be labelled as such. Users unfamiliar with parimutuel pools should click here to read a post on how they work.

Parimutuel pools will only go “in-play” if more than 1 user places wagers in that pool. If only 1 user places a bet in a parimutuel pool by the registration deadline, bets made by that user will be returned.

To place a bet in a golf prop parimutuel pool, click on the Golf Props category, then choose a contest and make a wager in that contest. You can view the amount of wagers in a contest by clicking the Contest Details link on the contest’s page.

Many of our Golf Prop parimutuel pools also have a progressive feature. A parimutuel progressive accumulates when no bets are made on the the winning outcome. If that happens, the pool is raked and the remaining amount gets added to the progressive  and put up for grabs in the next related event.

For example, say more than 1 user bets in a parimutuel pool for which golfer will win the tournament. Then it turns out that one of the players without any bets placed on them wins the tournament. So no user has bet on the winning outcome. The amount in the pool minus the rake is then put up for grabs in next week’s pool. This way, users don’t loose the entire pool when volume is shallow.