Glossary of Terms

Roster Contest – this is a daily fantasy sports contest where users draft a team of players that compose their fantasy lineup.

Parimutuel Contest Рa parimutuel pool is a betting method in which all bets of a particular type are placed together in a pool and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets. For more information on parimutuel betting on CoinRoster, see our parimutuel betting section.

Voting Round – this is a betting round that determines the outcome of a crowd settled contest.

Betting Round – this is the betting round when users bet on which outcome will be determined in a crowd settled contest.

Multi-Stat – this is a fantasy sports scoring method that assigns different points for different statistics such as 5 points for a goal and 1 point for an assist.

Score to Par – this is a fantasy sports scoring method that assigns fantasy points based on a golfer’s raw score to par. CoinRoster’s Score to Par scoring method is dynamic as it assigns a score of zero for the player in last place and all other fantasy points are based off the worst place score. So if the worst place golfer is +5 and the leading golfer is -5, then the last place golfer will have a fantasy score of zero, and the first place golfer will have a fantasy score of 10.

Contest – refers to any CoinRoster parimutuel pool or fantasy game.

Category – refers to the grouping of contests, such as Fantasy Golf, Golf Props, and Hockey Props.

User – is an account with CoinRoster.

Player – is a real life participant in a sporting event.

Affiliate – a user who refers other users to CoinRoster.

RosterCoins Рis the currency used by CoinRoster to reward users for referring friends, creating contests, and voting.  RosterCoins have the same value as bitcoins.

Bitcoins a crypto currency used on CoinRoster.

Settlement Methods – refers to the way a contest is settled. There are three different settlement methods: auto settled, user settled, and crowd settled.