What are RosterCoins?

RosterCoins are the internal currency used by CoinRoster to reward users for certain actions such as creating crowd settled contests, voting, and referring friends.

RosterCoins can be used to enter contests, where they have the same value as bitcoins. However, RosterCoins can not be withdrawn directly from CoinRoster. To convert RosterCoins to bitcoins, they must be used to enter a contest, and the winnings will be paid in bitcoins, which can then be withdrawn from the site.

Users can also choose to use their RosterCoins a little more strategically. If you save your RosterCoins, and use them in voting rounds, you can accumulate more RosterCoins in the process. This is because voting round contests pay a bounty of 1% of the value of the betting contest that the voting round will determine.

For example, if a crowd settled contest is created and 1 bitcoins are wagered, the voting round used to settle the contest will get populated with a progressive value of 0.01 bitcoins, which will be distributed pro-rata to all users who voted on the winning outcome.  If 0.10 RosterCoins were voted, then 0.11 RosterCoins will be distributed pro-rata to the winning voters.  Users participating in voting round contests can only use RosterCoins to vote with.