How to Withdraw

To make a withdrawal, you will first need to associate a bitcoin address with your CoinRoster account. This will be the address where CoinRoster will send your funds when you make withdrawals.

Navigate to the WALLET page by following the link on the menu from the MY ACCOUNT page. Once on the WALLET page, follow the on-screen instructions to associate the bitcoin address where you would like to receive your withdrawals. Once complete, future withdrawals will be sent to this address, and you can change the withdrawal address associated with your account at any time.

After you have associated a bitcoin address with your CoinRoster account, navigate to the MY ACCOUNT page and then click on the WITHDRAW link from the MY ACCOUNT page menu. Once on the WITHDRAW page, your available balance will be displayed, and you will be be promoted to enter the amount of your withdrawal and any miner fee you would like to include with your transaction. CoinRoster charges a 10 satoshi fee for each withdrawal.