How to Vote

This page will explain how to vote in a voting round as part of the crowd settlement method.

Crowd settled contests are those that are created by a specific users, but settled by the “crowd”. When a crowd settled contest is created, the user who creates it must enter a registration deadline and a settlement deadline. These two timelines determine when betting ends and when voting ends. The registration deadline is the time when the betting round of a crowd settled contest goes in-play, and no more bets are accepted. When the registration deadline hits, a voting round contest is created and becomes open for voting.

To vote, login to your CoinRoster account and browse to a voting round contest. Once you are on the contest page, you can vote in the same manner as you would place a bet in a parimutuel pool.

Voting in a voting round contest can only be done using RosterCoins. When the settlement deadline is hit, the voting round ends, and the option with the most votes becomes the settlement outcome for the original betting contest, thereby settling the original contest based on votes made in the voting round pool. The voting round settles just like any parimutuel pool, such that votes made on any outcome other than the winning outcome will be split proportionately between the winning outcome.

If more than one outcome in a voting round is voted on, then the contest will require a CoinRoster admin to manually settle the contest. So if you think you can game the voting system, we encourage you to try.