How to use Auto-Play

Auto-Play is a feature available to CoinRoster users that will auto-play rosters of specific configurations to certain fantasy sports contests. Auto-Play is available for CoinRoster auto generated fantasy contests and not available for user generated contests.

To initiate Auto-Play, login to your account, navigate to the MY ACCOUNT page and choose AUTO-PLAY from the sub-menu. On desktop, this menu will be located on the left side of the page, on mobile the menu will be located below the my account page content.

From the Auto-Play page, users will be presented with a number of options. The top section of the Auto-Play page shows the contests available for Auto-Play, and the bottom section shows your current Auto-Play entries.

To add an Auto-Play entry, choose a specific contest my clicking on the ADD button beside the name and details of the contest you would like to add. Once added, a contest will show up in the My Auot-Play contests list below, where you can then edit the specific configurations of your Auto-Play such as the start date, end date, the type of algorithm, and the number of rosters to enter each time.

CoinRoster currently offers three different types of auto-play algorithms: Random, Safe, and Barbell. Random rosters are chosen at random without regard to price as long as the sum of randomly selected players on any particular roster is not above the salary cap. The Safe roster algorithm chooses rosters by finding the average “left to spend per player” and then drafts the highest priced player under the average amount left to spend. The result of the Safe¬†algorithm will be a roster with the highest priced players priced closest to the average price of all players available. The Barbell algorithm will choose the most expensive player that can be afforded while still being able to draft a full roster of players. The result of most Barbell rosters will be those with both high and low priced players.¬† The distribution of how many low to high priced players will depend on the specific price of players for any given fantasy contest.

Users can choose to enter any number of Auto-Play rosters and multiple Auto-Play entries on the same contest is also available. Users who enter multiple Auto-Play entries using the Random algorithm will receive multiple unique random rosters, since Random rosters are generated randomly per Auto-Play entry, however, all users who enter Safe and Barbell algorithm based rosters will find their rosters to be identical to all other rosters using the same algorithm. This is because of the way the algorithms choose their players.

After you have entered the configurations of an Auto-Play roster, click the ENTER button to initiate the Auto-Play entry you have setup. Users can also modify and delete their existing Auto-Play rosters by clicking on the buttons beside the specific Auto-Play rosters you would like to modify.