How to Tag URLs with your Affiliate Name

Users can add specific text to any CoinRoster URL that will connect the resulting tagged URL link to a specific affiliate username. Users wishing to spread links to contests and other CoinRoster content online simply need to include &ref=username to the end of any CoinRoster URL, and new users who click thru the link to land on a CoinRoster page and subsequently signup for a new account will be attributed to the affiliate tagged in the URL.

For example, if you’ve created a fantasy contests and would like to share it with your friends while inviting them to join the site, add &ref=username¬†to the end of the URL. Anyone who clicks on the URL to arrive at CoinRoster will be connected to your username, when they signup and begin playing, your username will be attributed affiliate revenue associated with their play.

Click Here for an example. As you can see, the link contained in the text has &ref=username at the end of the URL.