How to Refer Friends

CoinRoster offers a number of ways you can refer friends and earn affiliate revenue. Our affiliate program pays 50% of the rake from affiliated users in the form of RosterCoins. RosterCoins are the internal currency of CoinRoster and they can also be used as voting round currency, and are otherwise equal to bitcoins when entering contests.

You can refer friends and be credited commission associated with their play in a few different ways which are outlined below. We plan on improving our affiliate system in the future.

Send a referral e-mail. When logged into your CoinRoster account, navigate to the MY ACCOUNT page. Click on the affiliate link from the side menu, and you will arrive on the Affiliate page. On the Affiliate page, you will see the first section where there are two text boxes, one for your name (you can leave your username in this section or change to any other name) and another text box for the e-mail address of your friend. If you fill in these text boxes and press the “send referral” button, an e-mail will be sent to your friend, promoting them to signup.  When your friend signs up, our system will automatically associate their account with yours.

Use your referral link. From the Affiliate page within MY ACCOUNT, you will see a unique URL that you can use. Send this URL to friends or embed this URL into links from your blog, tweets, and other social media and anyone who signs up to CoinRoster by way of clicking on this URL will be associated with your account.

Use promo codes. CoinRoster provides users with the ability to create their own unique promo codes that you can pass out to friends, or embed online as an incentive for new users to signup. You will find a form on the Affiliate page within MY ACCOUNT, that allows users to enter a unique promo code name, the amount of free play, and the number of uses. After creating a promo code, you will receive a e-mail notification. Users singing up with your promo code can enter the code in a section of our signup form, and they will be affiliated with your account. We also automatically create a unique landing for your promo code as You will only earn affiliate commission after new users have met the playing requirement associated with your promo code.

Append your username to any URL. You may have noticed that when you’re on a contest page, the URL has a &ref=your_username appended to it. To refer someone, simply add &ref=your_username to the end of any CoinRoster link/URL and any users who signup after clicking on the URL will be associated as affiliates of your account.