How to Deposit

This post will explain how to make a deposit to your CoinRoster account.

Once you’ve created your CoinRoster account and verified your e-mail address, login to your account and navigate to the My Account page.

See the menu on the left side of the My Account page and find the DEPOSIT button highlighted in green. Click on the deposit button and you’ll arrive at the deposit page where you will see your unique bitcoin deposit address.

Deposit Methods

You can make a deposit in a few different ways: deposit bitcoinsbuy bitcoins with Canadian dollars, and you can also deposit bitcoins with any crypto currency supported by ShapeShift.

Deposit Bitcoins

To deposit bitcoins, send bitcoins to your unique deposit address displayed on your deposit page. This bitcoin address is your unique deposit address and each time you make a deposit, a new unique address will be created for you. Once you have sent bitcoins to this address, click on the CHECK MY DEPOSIT button located below your deposit address. This will trigger CoinRoster to check your deposit address and credit any funds found on that address to your CoinRoster account.  If the funds you have sent are unverified, clicking the CHECK MY DEPOSIT button will display a message describing this. Once your deposit has been confirmed on the blockchain, clicking the CHECK MY DEPOSIT button will credit your deposit to your CoinRoster account.

Buy Bitcoins using Canadian dollars

To buy bitcoins using Canadian dollars, we have integrated QuickBT which allows CoinRoster users to use Interac Online to exchange Canadian dollars for bitcoins. Any bitcoins you purchase using this method will be credited to your CoinRoster account, just make the bitcoin address displayed on QuickBT matches your deposit address at CoinRoster.

Deposit using Shapeshift

CoinRoster users can also deposit bitcoins using any other crypto currency supported by Shapeshift. Simply click on the Pay with Altcoins link on the deposit page and you’ll be taken to a shifty page where you can enter the currency and amount you’d like to deposit along with a return address and your e-mail. Once you have entered your desired currency, deposit amount, return address, and e-mail, you’ll see a quote displayed. This quote will show you how much of your desired currency you must send in order to deposit the bitcoin amount you entered.  Follow the on screen instructions to complete the transaction.

I send my Deposit, why is it not in my CoinRoster account?

Our deposit process relies on you to click on the CHECK MY DEPOSIT button. This triggers our deposit system to check the blockchain to see if your deposit has been received and confirmed. Once it has, you should see this amount show up in your CoinRoster account.

If you require assistance making a deposit, please get in touch with us using our contact page.