How to Enter a Fantasy Contest

To enter a fantasy contest, you must be logged into your CoinRoster account and you must also have a balance in your account (either by making a deposit or using a freeplay promo code). From the LOBBY page, navigate to a specific category by clicking on the category tile (image). Then, from a category page, you will see a list of available contests, choose a fantasy contest to enter by clicking on a specific one, you will then land on the CONTEST PAGE.

From a CONTEST PAGE, you will see the name of the contest and a description of the contest. You’ll also see the contest specs such as the entry fee and the registration deadline listed below the description. To enter a contest, you’ll need to draft a roster of players. Start drafting players by clicking on their names from the list of players available to draft from the left side list. Clicking on player names from the left side drafting list will populate your roster, and you will see a list of players you have drafted begin to form to the right of the drafting list.

As you draft players, you will notice the remaining salary, the number of players drafted counter, and the average amount left to spend per player counters will change. To remove a player you have drafted from your roster, click on their name again and you will see they are removed from your roster and show again on the left side list of players available to draft.

Once you are satisfied with your roster (and you’ve drafted enough players within the salary cap) scroll to the bottom of the contest page and click on the “submit rosters” button. This button will show you how much your entries will cost in bitcoins and your chosen display currency.

Users can enter multiple identical rosters by changing the number of entries field located below the contest specs section.  Users can choose to enter any number of rosters in many contests, although some contests have a limit to how many entries each user can make.