How to Earn RosterCoins

RosterCoins are credits that can be used as currency at CoinRoster.  RosterCoins can be used the same way as bitcoins on our site. When you enter a contest, CoinRoster will use your RosterCoin balance first before using bitcoins. So, if you enter a contest for 0.01 bitcoins, but you have 0.005 RosterCoins in your account, CoinRoster will use your 0.005 RosterCoins and then 0.005 bitcoins as your entry fee. Entering contests is also the way to exchange RosterCoins for bitcoins. Since RosterCoins can only be used as currency on CoinRoster, they can not be withdrawn, but if users bet their RosterCoins in a contest and win, their winnings will be paid in bitcoins.

There are three different ways to earn RosterCoins: be an affiliate, create contests, and vote to crowd settle. Users receive RosterCoins as a reward for doing any of these things.

Becoming an affiliate is the easiest way to earn RosterCoins. Every CoinRoster users is automatically enrolled in our affiliate program, there is no need for a special signup. For each new user you refer to CoinRoster, you will earn 50% of the rake associated with their play. There’s no limit to the amount of RosterCoins you can earn and there’s no limit to the number of users you can refer.  There’s s also no limit to how long you will be paid as an affiliate. As long as the users you refer keep playing, you’ll keep earning.

Here is an example of how affiliate rewards work. As a CoinRoster user, you send a friend your referral link and they signup for a new account then make a deposit. Your friend is now your affiliate, and our system recognizes this. In the future, when your friend plays on CoinRoster, you will receive 50% of the rake associated with their play. If your friend enters a contest with a rake of 5% and an entry price costing 0.01 bitcoins, then you will receive 0.00025 RosterCoins as commission.  This commission happens each time your affiliates enters a contest.

Another way to earn RosterCoins is to create crowd settled contests. Users who create crowd settled contests are paid a commission of 1% from the amount bet in that contest. For example, if you create a crowd settled contest and your contest receives 1 bitcoin worth of bets, then you will receive a commission of 0.01 RosterCoins.  You can even layer your marketing efforts by creating contests and then promoting them as an affiliate, thereby gaining more affiliate users (which will earn you affiliate commission), but also earning commission from the amount bet in the contest you created.

The final way to earn RosterCoins is to vote your RosterCoins in the voting round of crowd settled contests. Crowd settled contests are contests where the outcome is determined by a weighted vote by users. Users can choose to vote any amount of their RosterCoins in a voting round contest. The option in the voting round that gets the most votes becomes the option that settles the associated betting round. Votes made for any other settlement option get distributed proportionately between the bets made on the most voted option. Users who bet on the most voted outcome in a voting round contest also proportionately receive 1% of the amount bet in the associated betting round contest.

Here is an example of how to earn RosterCoins by voting. If a user creates a crowd settled contest, and 10 bitcoins worth of bets are made in the betting round. First, the contest creator will receive 1% commission of 0.10 bitcoins for creating the contest. Next, 1% of the bets made in the betting round will be added to a progressive associated with the voting round used to settle the contest. As the voting round completes, there are 2 RosterCoins voted on a single outcome, this becomes the outcome used to settle the associated betting round. A total of 2.10 RosterCoins are proportionately returned to the voters, of which 2 RosterCoins were voted, and 0.10 RosterCoins (1% of the bets made in the associated betting round) are also proportionately returned to users who voted. This extra commission for voting is what gives voters the incentive to risk their RosterCoins voting.