How to Create a Contest

Users can create their own contests, and we allow you to customize the contests that you create. Before you can make a contest, you must first make a deposit. Navigate to the CREATE CONTEST page by clicking on the CREATE CONTEST link from the main menu once you are logged into your account.

On the CREATE CONTEST page, you will see a form where you can choose a contest type and whether your contest will be public or private.  There are three contest types to choose from; Roster, Prop, and Misc. Roster contests are fantasy contests where users draft rosters of players, Prop contests are parimutuel pools that are settled automatically by CoinRoster, and Misc contests are parimutuel and fixed odds pools where users can post any proposition bet. Roster contests and Prop contests are settled automatically by CoinRoster, but Misc contests can be based on any topic and are settled either by the user who creates the contest (user settled) or crowd settled which is when users vote on the outcome of a contests after it has concluded.

Choose your contest type and you’ll be presented with a larger form that will enable you to enter the specific details of your contest.

If you choose to make a Roster contest, you will then also be required to choose a specific sport (such as Golf or Baseball), the cost per entry (can be as low as 1 satoshi), the settlement type (jackpot, double-up, or heads-up), the maximum number of rosters each user can enter (enter zero for unlimited), the maximum number of total users (enter zero for unlimited), and whether you’d like this contest to be Public or Private. If you make your contest public, anyone can enter your contest, but if you make it private, only those with the contest URL can enter.

Jackpot Roster contests also require you to enter the number of payouts and how much each payout receives.

If you choose to create a Prop contest, you must also choose between different prop types such as Over/Under, Match Play, Number of Shots, and Make the Cut. For Over/Under Props, you could post a contest to ask whether Tiger Woods will shoot under par in the first round of this week’s tournament. You can do this by choosing Contest Type as Prop, Sport as Golf, Prop Type as Under,  Over/Under value as -1 (CoinRoster will automatically round to the 0.5 point to avoid ties), Select Player as Tiger Woods, Score to Par as the Scoring method, choose Round 1, whether this contest is public or private, and then press the Create Contest button at the bottom of the form.

Misc contests are the most wide open. Users can choose their own contest title, description, registration deadline, settlement deadline, number of options, minimum wager, whether the contest is public or private, and whether contest is user settled or crowd settled. User settled contests are those where the user who creates the contest is also responsible to settle the contest, whereas crowd settled contests have a voting round contest that opens between the registration deadline and the settlement deadline. Voting Round contests allow users to vote on the outcome using Roster Coins. The option with the most value of votes becomes the settlement outcome for the contest.

Users who create crowed settled contests receive a commission in the form of Roster Coins based on the amount bet in the contests they create. Voting can also only be done using Roster Coins, and each Voting Round contest awards the pool a progressive value based on the bets made in the betting round of a crowd settled contest.