How does CoinRoster’s Affiliate system work?

Earning affiliate commission on CoinRoster is open to every user. Signing up for an account automatically gives each user the ability to earn commissions by referring users.  Click here to signup for an account.

Our affiliate commission structure pays users 50% of the rake from any contest their referrals enter. We also pay our affiliate commissions in RosterCoins, which are the internal currency of CoinRoster.

Let’s walk through an example of how RosterCoin commission are paid to affiliates. An affiliate refers a user to CoinRoster, the new user signs up and makes a deposit. The user then enters a roster contest for 0.001 bitcoins.  The rake on the contest is 5%, so the affiliate will receive 0.000025 RosterCoins are a reward (0.001 * 0.05 * 0.50 = 0.000025). These affiliate rewards will be paid on the life of the referral’s account and this commission will not expire.

After receiving RosterCoins as affiliate rewards, the affiliate can use those RosterCoins in two different ways. They can use them to enter contests and they can use them to vote. Using RosterCoins to enter contests is a way to convert those RosterCoins into bitcoins. Using RosterCoins to vote on crowd settled contest voting rounds is a way to accumulate more RosterCoins.

Users can also find some basic affiliate tools in the affiliate section of the MY ACCOUNT page.  Here users will find a simple refer a friend by e-mail form, where they can submit an e-mail address to invite a friend. Users will also find a unique generic affiliate URL that can be sent to friends or embedded in hyperlinks on social media, message boards, and blogs. Users can also create their own promo codes in order to incentive their referrals.