Fantasy Golf Rules

1.1 Must be Logged In

To enter a contest, a user must be logged into their account and have a playable balance.

1.2 Entering a Contest

In each contest, users will create a lineup by selecting players listed in the Player Draft Pool, which is a list of available players. Each player listed has an assigned salary and a valid lineup must not exceed the salary listed in the contest details.

The Player Draft Pool will consist of golfers expected to be playing in the event listed in the Contest Details. Occasionally a player may be missing from the Player Pool due to injury or withdrawals or other unforeseen circumstances.

1.3 User’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the User to consider if a player listed in the Player Draft Pool may in fact play. If the player does not play due to injury, scratch, or other unforeseen circumstances, CoinRoster will not notify users.

In most circumstances, once the Player Pool is established for a Draft Group, including positions and salaries, the Player Pool will not be adjusted. In the rare event that there is a mistake within the Player Pool that would significantly impact game quality, CoinRoster reserves the right to correct the mistake after contests for that Draft Group have become available. This may result in valid lineups becoming invalid. This would most likely occur shortly after the Player Pool becomes available, far in advance of the contest start time, and participants who have entered contests for the Draft Group prior to the adjustment will be notified via email.

1.4 Participation

Participation in each contest must be made only as specified in the Terms of Service. Failure to comply with these Terms of Service will result in disqualification and, if applicable, prize forfeiture.

2.1 Scoring

Contest results will be determined by the total points accumulated by each individual lineup entry.

2.2 Points

Fantasy points are awarded based on a golfer’s score to par. If a player withdrawals or misses the cut, they will be assigned a score of zero. The worst score for a player who makes the cut is assigned a score of 1. Every other player’s score is based on the difference between their score and the worst player to make the cut’s score to par. For example, if a player on your roster misses the cut, they will be assigned a score of zero. If a player on your roster makes the cut with a score to par of -2 and the worst score to par of player to make the cut is +8, the score of your player at -2 will be 10. A roster’s total score is the sum total of all individual player scores on that roster.

2.3 Roster Requirements

The number of players that a User can draft to their roster is outlined in the contest details. If there is a maximum number of players that can be drafted for each particular contest, it will be listed in the contest details. It is the responsibility of Users to consult the contest details for each individual contest they may enter.

2.4 In-Play Scoring

Live scoring updates are strictly for the enjoyment of CoinRoster users. CoinRoster’s scoring validation process begins once all games within the contest are final. This process ensures that CoinRoster scoring matches official tour scoring when contest results are finalized and paid out.

Once contests are finalized, a contest status will update to “Settled”, and that contest will move from the “In-Play” section to the “Settled” section on the My Contests page.

On occasion, official tour scorers may issue a stat-correction after a tournament has ended and the official scoring validation process has completed. These corrections are rare, but can occur days after a tournament is played. Therefore, any changes to official scoring that occur after contests have been settled will not impact those settled contests. Conversely, if a correction needs to be made after contests are settled due to a bug with the data feed or the finalization process, while extremely rare, the finalization process (including payment) may be reversed and redone correctly.

The scoring validation process is solely to ensure that CoinRoster contest results are determined based on scores posted to Delays during this process may occur as a result of data collection or other technical difficulties. CoinRoster will not attempt to make judgments on scoring rulings.

2.5 Heads-Up

The the winner of a Heads-Up contest wins the total amount wagered.

2.6 Double-Up

The payout of a Double-Up contest is calculated by taking the number of rosters entered in the contest minus the rake percentage and then dividing in half. The top half of rosters double their entry fee per roster.

2.7 Jackpot

The payout of a Jackpot contest is listed in the contest details. In the event that multiple rosters tie, they will share the payout of a particular level. For example, if two rosters tie for first, they will split the payout of 1st and 2nd place.

2.8 Settlement

Contests will be settled roughly 2 minutes following the final scores being posted to Delays may occur from time to time due to technical issues.

3.1 Cancelled, Postponed, or Re-scheduled Games

In the event that a tournament is cancelled, postponed, or re-scheduled, it is the responsibility of Users to adjust their Rosters so as to exclude players from the cancelled, postponed, or re-scheduled tournament. If a tournament is cancelled, CoinRoster will cancel the contest and users will be refunded. If a tournament is shortened due to weather or other unforseen circumstances, the shortened tournament will be deemed as the final score.

4.1 Editing Rosters

Rosters may be edited at any time leading up to games. Each individual player will become “locked” at the scheduled start time of their team’s game. A locked player cannot be added or removed from a roster spot. Locked roster spots for all entries are displayed in contest Leaderboards once the entry deadline has passed and the contest becomes “in-play”.

4.2 Player Salaries

CoinRoster player salaries are intended to provide an interesting, challenging, skill-based game resulting in a top quality experience for CoinRoster users. Player salaries are determined based on historical statistics and aspects of a player’s upcoming matchup may be factored into their salary.

Please note that player salaries listed are a function of the salary cap fantasy sports contest format and are not intended, and should not be relied upon, as any indication of real-life salary valuations of the individual players.

5.1 Winning User Pools

CoinRoster posts pools where Users can bet on the outcome of a fantasy contest. If a user ties with themselves alone for first place, it is deemed to be a win for that user, not a tie. A tie occurs when two unique users tie.