Benefits of Posting Your Own Odds


One of the unique features of CoinRoster is users can post their own odds for other users to bet on (you become the house). Its a way for users to build their own bankroll as the house instead of taking the odds bookmakers provide. CoinRoster does not take a fee from users who post fixed odds bets. We offer this feature because we hope it will encourage more users to make a deposit to our site and provide more liquidity and make more bets available to our users.

To create your own odds, the first thing you’ll need to decide is what kind of data will be used to settle your bet. CoinRoster can automatically settle bets from the data we use for our fantasy pools. You can check which fantasy data we have available by going to a fantasy contest of the sport you’re examining and reviewing the data we use in that fantasy contest.

Below is a summary for your reference:

Hockey: goals, assists, plus-minus, shots on goal, and blocked shots

Basketball: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers, field goals made, field goals attempted, 3-pointers made

Golf: eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys, doubles or worse

Baseball: RBIs, hits, runs, strikeouts, walks

Bitcoins: any price

So if you’d like to create a bet on whether a certain player will hit a number of 3-pointers in a night, you can use the PROP category of the CREATE CONTEST form and make an over/under bet on the number of 3-pointers. If you’re posting a bet on where the price of bitcoin will be in a period of time, you can do this with the CREATE CONTEST form as well, just create a PROP bet with Bitcoin as the category and use the form to fill in your details. Using the PROP bet category of the CREATE CONTEST form will allow us to settle the bet automatically on your behalf using the data we already have in our system.

But let’s say you want to post a bet on whether a certain team will win tonight’s game? We don’t have this data, but you can still post this bet. Use the CREATE CONTEST form and choose MISC as the Contest Type. The MISC category is the free form category where users are free to post any bet they can dream up. The contest still needs to be approved by an Admin before it goes live on the site, but we encourage users to get creative. Feel free to post bets on politics, sports, financial topics, and current events.

When posting a bet in the MISC category, you also have the option on whether to settle the bet yourself or whether to leave settlement up to the crowd. In certain situations, you might want to settle your own bets, if the outcome is only known to you (say a bet on a private event), but otherwise, you can leave settlement up to the votes of CoinRoster users. Crowd settled bets become available for a voting round once the betting registration has concluded. After the betting registration deadline is reached, users vote with Roster Coins which are earned by users who have affiliates on the outcome that occured. After the voting round of a crowd settled contest concludes, the outcome with the most money votes becomes the settlement outcome used to settle the betting proposition. It might sound like you could game this settlement system, but keep in mind that admins can override any outcome and any voting round that receives votes on more than a single outcome must be approved by an admin. We’ve never had a failure of our crowd settled system, and we invite users to try and break it.

In order to post your own bets on CoinRoster, you must make a deposit. Good luck.