Benefits of Posting Your Own Odds

One of the unique features of CoinRoster is users can post their own odds for other users to bet on (you become the house). Its a way for users to build their own bankroll as the house instead of taking the odds bookmakers provide. CoinRoster does not take a fee from users who post fixed odds bets. We offer this feature because we hope it will encourage more users to make a deposit to our site and provide more liquidity and make more bets available to our users.

To create your own odds, the first thing you’ll need to decide is what kind of data will be used to settle your bet. CoinRoster can automatically settle bets from the data we use for our fantasy pools. You can check which fantasy data we have available by going to a fantasy contest of the sport you’re examining and reviewing the data we use in that fantasy contest.

Below is a summary for your reference:

Hockey: goals, assists, plus-minus, shots on goal, and blocked shots

Basketball: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers, field goals made, field goals attempted, 3-pointers made

Golf: eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys, doubles or worse

Baseball: RBIs, hits, runs, strikeouts, walks

Bitcoins: any price

So if you’d like to create a bet on whether a certain player will hit a number of 3-pointers in a night, you can use the PROP category of the CREATE CONTEST form and make an over/under bet on the number of 3-pointers. If you’re posting a bet on where the price of bitcoin will be in a period of time, you can do this with the CREATE CONTEST form as well, just create a PROP bet with Bitcoin as the category and use the form to fill in your details. Using the PROP bet category of the CREATE CONTEST form will allow us to settle the bet automatically on your behalf using the data we already have in our system.

But let’s say you want to post a bet on whether a certain team will win tonight’s game? We don’t have this data, but you can still post this bet. Use the CREATE CONTEST form and choose MISC as the Contest Type. The MISC category is the free form category where users are free to post any bet they can dream up. The contest still needs to be approved by an Admin before it goes live on the site, but we encourage users to get creative. Feel free to post bets on politics, sports, financial topics, and current events.

When posting a bet in the MISC category, you also have the option on whether to settle the bet yourself or whether to leave settlement up to the crowd. In certain situations, you might want to settle your own bets, if the outcome is only known to you (say a bet on a private event), but otherwise, you can leave settlement up to the votes of CoinRoster users. Crowd settled bets become available for a voting round once the betting registration has concluded. After the betting registration deadline is reached, users vote with Roster Coins which are earned by users who have affiliates on the outcome that occured. After the voting round of a crowd settled contest concludes, the outcome with the most money votes becomes the settlement outcome used to settle the betting proposition. It might sound like you could game this settlement system, but keep in mind that admins can override any outcome and any voting round that receives votes on more than a single outcome must be approved by an admin. We’ve never had a failure of our crowd settled system, and we invite users to try and break it.

In order to post your own bets on CoinRoster, you must make a deposit. Good luck.

Valero Texas Open Fantasy & Betting Odds

The PGA Tour stops at TPC San Antonio this week for the Valero Texas Open. The favorites are Rickie Fowler (11/1), Tony Finau (17/1), and Matt Kuchar (17/1). Rickie didn’t play at the WGC Match Play last week, so he’s fresh, compared to Matt Kuchar who at 40 years old, played a lot of golf last week as he reached the finals against Kevin Kisner.

Click Here to bet on the winner tournament winner

Click here to view our golf fantasy contests

The First Look: Valero Texas Open

Matt Kuchar, twice a winner in 2018-19, and Rickie Fowler spark a roster of more than a dozen players set to play one of the PGA TOUR’s longest-running events. J.B. Holmes (Genesis Open), Adam Long (Desert Classic) and Cameron Champ (Sanderson Farms) give TPC San Antonio five entrants with a win …

Odds of Where Kawhi Leonard Will Sign

One of the biggest NBA free agents to sign this summer will be Toronto Raptors superstar Kawhi Leonard and we’ve created a betting pool for users to wager on which team will sign him.  Click here to see the latest odds.

The Clippers and the Raptors seem to be the teams most likely to sign Kawhi. As he’s from Los Angeles, Kawhi Leonard would be close to home with the Clippers and in a much warmer client (as least temperature-wise), but the Raptors have had all year to figure out what makes Kawhi happy, and can make sure they position themselves to be the team of choice. And because of the way salaries are structured in the NBA, the Raptors also have an edge in numbers.

Click here to read a threat of local media reports on the issue.

CoinRoster users can post any prop bet they want on our site. To host your own bet, click on the CREATE CONTEST link and choose the type of contest to create. You can create fantasy contests, prop bets settled on our own scoring data, and use our MISC category for totally open source bets. Users can post parimutuel pools on any question, and they can also post fixed odds bets (where you set the odds for your bet). In order to create a contest, you must have made a deposit on the site, and to create fixed odds bets you must stake the amount you’re willing to risk.

For help creating your own bets, read this post.

How to Play Golf Props?

Each week, if the PGA Tour holds a stroke play tournament, CoinRoster posts fantasy contests in our Fantasy Golf category and betting pools for that tournament in our Golf Props category. The golf prop bets that we post are parimutuel pools on various tournament outcomes such as the tournament winner, which top players will make the cut, and a pool on whether there will be a playoff. There are a number of different pools that are posted for the entire tournament and also for each day of the tournament.

Parimutuel pools will be labelled as such. Users unfamiliar with parimutuel pools should click here to read a post on how they work.

Parimutuel pools will only go “in-play” if more than 1 user places wagers in that pool. If only 1 user places a bet in a parimutuel pool by the registration deadline, bets made by that user will be returned.

To place a bet in a golf prop parimutuel pool, click on the Golf Props category, then choose a contest and make a wager in that contest. You can view the amount of wagers in a contest by clicking the Contest Details link on the contest’s page.

Many of our Golf Prop parimutuel pools also have a progressive feature. A parimutuel progressive accumulates when no bets are made on the the winning outcome. If that happens, the pool is raked and the remaining amount gets added to the progressive  and put up for grabs in the next related event.

For example, say more than 1 user bets in a parimutuel pool for which golfer will win the tournament. Then it turns out that one of the players without any bets placed on them wins the tournament. So no user has bet on the winning outcome. The amount in the pool minus the rake is then put up for grabs in next week’s pool. This way, users don’t loose the entire pool when volume is shallow.

What is a Parimutuel Pool?

A Parimutuel Pool is a betting system in which all bets of particular outcomes are placed together in a pool; house rake is removed, and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets in proportion to the amount wagered.

Parimutuel betting is often used in gambling on sporting events of relatively short duration in which participants finish in a ranked order and is often used with horse races. Parimutuel betting differs from fixed odd betting in how the final payout is determined. With fixed odds betting, the payout is determined at the time the wager is made, whereas with parimutuel betting the payout is only determined after betting has ended.  Parimutuel betting is unique in that gamblers are betting against other gamblers and not the house.

Example of Parimutuel Betting

Consider a hypothetical event, which has eight possible outcomes.  Each outcome has a certain amount of money wagered:

1 $60
2 $140
3 $24
4 $110
5 $220
6 $94
7 $300
8 $80

Thus, the total pool of money on the event is $1028. Following the start of the event, no more wagers are accepted. The event is decided and the winning outcome is determined to be Outcome 4 with $110 wagered. The payout is now calculated. First the commission for the wagering company is deducted from the pool; for example, with CoinRoster’s house rake of 5% the calculation is: $1028 × 0.05 = $51.40. This leaves a remaining amount of $976.60 in the pool. This remaining amount in the pool is now distributed to those who wagered on the winning outcome Outcome 4: $976.60 / $110.00 = 8.87 ≈ $8.87 per $1 wagered. This payout includes the $1 wagered plus an additional $7.87 profit. Thus, the odds on Outcome 4 are 7.87-to-1.

The most important aspect of parimutuel betting to remember is the odds displayed before as bets are being accepted are the odds according to what is in the pool at that moment. As users make bets, the odds for each outcome will change according to which outcomes are being bet on. So its to the bettor’s advantage to wait until a time close to the entry deadline to place bets. This way, bettors can use the most up to date information to decide on which outcome might give them the best value based on the odds implied by the pool.

Dell Matchplay Betting Odds

This week the PGA Tour hosts a matchplay tournament with round robin matches starting on Wednesday this week, earlier than usual. Golf Channel will be also hosting a drawing show on Monday night. Click Here for a good description of the event provided by Golf Channel.

There is a betting pool on CoinRoster on who will win this week. Rory & DJ are the favorites at 10/1, but since the Dell Matchplay is a WGC event with a large purse, almost all of the world’s top players will tee off. Click here to view odds and bet on the Dell Matchplay.

If you want to play a bracket challenge in golf’s own version of March Madness, the PGA Tour has posted a bracket challenge. Click Here to view it.

Valspar Championship Betting Odds

The Florida swing continues as the PGA Tour stops this week for the Valspar Championship at Innisbrook. Early favorites include DJ @ 6.5 and Jason Day & John Rahm both at 12.00.  CoinRoster has a several fantasy pools posted this week, click here to view our fantasy contests.

The First Look: Valspar Championship

Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm prepare to take on the “Snake Pit” of Innisbrook Resort’s Copperhead course for the first time, while Jason Day returns for the first time since 2013 as the reconfigured Florida Swing comes to a strong conclusion. Paul Casey is back to defend the title he captured last…


Players Championship Betting Odds

This week is the Players Championship on the PGA Tour, and you know it’s a big tournament when Golf Channel is doing extended coverage with their “Live At the…” news desk on site. All the world’s top golfers are teeing up this week including Tiger Woods.

Click Here to view our fantasy contests this week.

The favorites to win the 2019 Players Championship are Dustin Johnson & Rory McIlroy who are each posted at 13/1. World #1 Justin Rose is price in CoinRoster fantasy pools at $3,000 but he’s the 4th or 5th most likely to win according to bookmaker’s. Whereas after a good showing last week, Charles Howell and Lucas Glover are two players who have strong odds to win the tournament but are mid-priced in CoinRoster’s fantasy pools.

The First Look: THE PLAYERS Championship

Reigning FedExCup champion Justin Rose and defending THE PLAYERS champion Webb Simpson top the marquee as the PGA TOUR’s flagship event moves back into its original March slot, ready to take on a TPC Sawgrass likely to show a different side than entrants have become used to seeing in recent years.