CoinRoster Launches Pari-Mutuel Pools

CoinRoster is pleased to announce the launch of our first product: pari-mutuel pools. A pari-mutuel pool is a betting format where the winning wagers receive a pro-rata share of the total amount wagered in the pool minus a rake. Adding pari-mutuel pools to CoinRoster furthers our goal to be the world’s leading fantasy sports community. Our betting pools will be used to complement our fantasy sports platform and help CoinRoster users access a wider variety of unique markets, hedge their positions, and complement their fantasy sports play.

As we post propositions on CoinRoster using pari-mutuel pools, we will aim to continuously improve functionality so users can better access unique markets and gain insight by using the information embedded in each pool.

We have begun by posting pools for Golf, Hockey, Entertainment, Politics, and Financial topics.  In the coming weeks as we test our system, we will be listening closely to input from users and using that input to improve our offerings. We encourage users to get in touch with us to express their opinions.